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Well Met! - A Reintroduction to Seraya



In a recent TUC comic, Celedh mentions not knowing Seraya well. I'd like to try and fix that!

The real(?) Ser in a nutshell:
-software engineer
-internet lesbian

So! I've been a fan of this comic pretty much since it began, when Tunod and Ayasu joined forces for TUC back in the olden days. I was friends with Tunod before, and Ayasu was a friend of his so while we occasionally crossed paths, I didn't really get to know her too well beyond "Well, my friend likes you so I bet you're cool!"

I hung out at the comic's chat channel #tuc (hashtags were indicators for channels back then, and they were also #poundsigns!), occasionally generated ideas for strips, and won a contest to have Seraya added to the cast with this goofy thing.

I also made a few filler comics and even canon comics!

TUC 166
TUC 169

Wily's Lesbian Porn Empire - Guest Saga
TUC 146.3 / Guest Comic 2: Free Lesbian Porn? Why sure, I'd love to!
TUC 146.6 / Guest Comic 3: Single File Line, People!
TUC 146.9 / Guest Comic 4: Last Porn Comic, Promise

What A Perverted Saga

Other Fillers
Exercising Author Powers for Good(?)
Sexy Filler: zOMG its bass *fap fap fap fap fap fap*
The Truth Will Make Your Head Explode

And finally, the one I am most proud of, when I animated TUC 065, by hand, for TUC 150!  :o This was still the days of narrowband, so I made it an animated gif hoping that modem users could have a smooth viewing experience.

Anyway! That's about all I have for now.

Have a good one! ^o^/ (yeah I know I used a lot of anime smilies back then and it's pretty much not in my internet vocabulary anymore, but I like comic Seraya's quirk of always having emoticons in her speech bubbles, sue me <3)

Awesome!  Nice recap!  😄

Thank you! It was fun digging through my TUC archives.  ;D

I mostly based Seraya off when I saw and remember of TUC, so that's why I kept the emoticons, she was literally the only one using those constantly during the comic, so it was an amusing quirk. Most characters need those after all.

When we restarted the strip we also made a pruning of characters so concentrate on the 'main cast'. For that reason we opted out of characters like Seraya and Dark Ayanami, because they were more Tunod's thing back then (although Ayasu-then-known-as-Cyber reused some of them during the MMUnoriginal story, they might appear when we decide to close up that storyline).

But after getting close to 150 strips since the reboot, I figured that even if they are not main cast, they could get occasional appearances. Wouldn't be weirder than some random characters we used in the past (like Ranma, Yuffie, Ryo-Ohki), or any of the random no-name sprites I found in my search for models.

I view the TUC/TOC casts as 'living there', so there doesn't need an excuse for them to appear for no real good reason. While extras are those that need reason to be there, such as Seraya paying a visit. It absolutely doesn't mean they won't appear again, ultimately they are at the mercy of my creativity, like every other character :)

Well, I was really glad to see myself in comic form again, I was afraid the day would never come!

You've been doing a great job Celedh, and I'm always looking forward to more.  ;D


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