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Seraya Says:
I had to rewrite this one from the original, because uh... it was a making-fun-of-the-author joke since I expected Tunod to be making this series.
Original dialogue:

1)Wily: *standing in front of a door labeled Viewing Room* Okay, I know you're all here because I made the offer to X for a free hour of lesbian porn, but the viewing room only fits one person.
Dante: Why's that?

2)Wily: I didn't really expect anyone else to use it...

3)Seraya: Ooh ooh! Pick me, pick me! I know why!

4)Seraya: The author is lazy (Tunod, offscreen: HEY!) and didn't want to have more than one character's reactions in each comic. ^^

No, I'm not gonna stretch this for two weeks longer and give five reaction comics... just one more coming Friday, honest. ^_^

It sounded like a great idea.  So everything that was meant o be put in the comic as dialouge never went in because of Tunod?

fromphy hat mike:
i wish i had a char for here...i wouldnt leave the room

Mike why don't you make a character and send it to Cyber and Tunod and see if they would use it?

Because our cast of characters is large enough?


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