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March 26, 2017, 07:32:55 AM Senretsu says: I am sofa king wee todd ed

February 15, 2017, 08:10:20 PM Seraya says: One of us! One of us! We accept you, we accept you!

February 15, 2017, 02:44:57 PM Celedh says: Your login info should still work! If not, contact us.

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We're baaaaaack...

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If you didn't see the email that we sent out to everyone recently, please take a look here -- We're back! (Yes, it's on my guild's forums cause old forum software here is old. T~T)

No forreal, this is updating again. No, no, don't be like that -- there's another strip coming on Monday, I promise! D:

But no seriously, welcome back to TUC, everyone! I've finally gotten over my 10 year writer's block(no joke, it's been... not a good last decade. >.>) and am ready to entertain you all again. :D

For those who don't remember or know, my name is Ayasu, the comic author formerly known as Cyber. There've been some... changes over the last few years, and I promise I'll explain as soon as possible. For now, though, let me break down how we're going to do things from here on in --

While we work ahead to try to create a good comics backlog, our update schedule will be Monday/Friday -- this gives us, for now, plenty of time to work ahead and try to get things done.
Unlike before, I won't be doing anymore animations on the 100 marks. When we reach 500, though, I'll try to do something special. :D

It's no longer going to be me and Tunod working on the comic -- and I'm not working alone anymore! I've asked my good friend Celedh to help with creating comics, so we can make sure everything runs smoothly. :)

The whole site, right now, is looking to get a nice overhaul. As you've no doubt noticed, we're still running on the same ol' forums on the same ol' website that we have been for the last, what... 12, 13 years? I'm poking Overmind to help us get things set straight!

I look forward to making these comics again, and I'm SUPER excited to bring TUC back to life. I've missed writing for the characters and bringing them to life for you all!

Comic's back. Gonna be fun. Monkeys are still purple.

And this is me, the new co-author.

Although I had nothing to do with this strip, but I'm here to bounce ideas off Ayasu and make the occasional strip and story arcs.

And most assuredly get blamed by Ayasu when things go wrong. And potentially killed. Repeatedly.

I can't wait.
Posted on 2016-01-09. Comments (4)
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