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Title: Fun and Games
Post by: Celedh on December 09, 2018, 10:23:21 PM
( of Light is *fun*. If you're not in any real rush to unlock the playable characters, you get to unlock most (if not all, still in the process of it) of them through the adventure mode, along with spirits, level them up, and see what is the new gimmick of this iteration in the series.

There's lot sof new gimmicks. Stage hazards are not only what happens in the background anymore, but also battle conditions like inverting left/right controls, gravity manipulation mid-fight, fog, invisibility... all things that probably will never be used in multiplayer because it can be bothersome when people jsut want to do their Fox only, no items, Final Destination duels.

And the spirits are a bit of an RPG aspect on their own double of collectable game, where you mix and match them for abilities and level them up for raw power and defense stats.

The story is admitedly... lacking though. Just one big cutscene we already saw before at the start, tiny ones in between, but nothing ongoing like Subspace Emissaries offered. But it's still fun, there's LOTS of fights there, and how they associates the Spirits of characters from a ton of different games with the fighters in the roster, and modify their behaviors to match, it's fun.

What I mean is for example there's a Cammy (Street Fighter) spirit, you fight Zero Suit Samus, but she favors using kick-attacks like Cammy does. That's a behavior change for the need, so even fighting the same characters over and over feels different often.

And sometimes frustratingly difficult in some combinations of rules and fighters.