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The OTHER Comic

SPAM Satan!

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This is the one comic that started it all. Originally, The OTHER Comic was drawn in MS paint by my friend Jeff Alfaro. The concept and characters were created by Jeff(Sarab), myself(Cyber) and Andrew Daniel(Pi Squared). The idea of this was thought up one day when were sitting around, role playing our characters, and we got on a tangent about webcomics. The next day, Jeff brought in this picture of stick figure versions of all of our characters. And thus, TOC was born. Originally I was on the crew as site design/writing. Andrew was a Writer and Jeff was the artist. Every Sunday, ( for a few weeks, anyway ) our friend Josh Perez drew anime strips. This lasted a few months, and Jeff dropped the project. I picked it up, and made it into a sprite comic. After the Keenspace Crash of '03, I quit TOC, after only 76 strips. A few months later, I picked up crew with Tunod to make The Unoriginal Comic, which is, at the time of this writing, rounding it's 300th strip.

I was actually very briefly part of the RPG they were in, about the time they got the comic started. The concept's actually based off of Shirt Guy Dom's stick figure thingies, and "The OTHER Comic", as I recall, is a reference to Sluggy Freelance. ("This here's my comic. Is it not nifty? Worship the comic.") The first few jokes are actually references to Sluggy jokes, kickstarting the TOC/TUC tradition of shamelessly stealing borrowing jokes from others.
Posted on 2000-10-16. Comments (0)
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